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Yes! You can manage your pet's prescriptions if they are on file at Fruth. You can add your pet to your account by going to Family Care option and adding the pet there. You will need to know your pet’s date of birth as recorded at the pharmacy as well as the prescription number from one of their current prescriptions. 

The date of birth for your pet must match what the pharmacy has on record, otherwise our system will not be able to create the account. If your pet is over 18 years old, you will need to contact the pharmacy directly and have them change the date of birth to a minor’s birthdate so you can add them as a minor.

In addition, some pharmacists might add invalid characters and numbers to the pet’s name, for example, Fluffy (K9). Unfortunately, these special characters will prevent your pet from being registered successfully. To fix this your pharmacist will need to update your pet’s name to not include these special characters and numbers.